PURE London – what else?

Some of you might have read my last blog about impression and inspiration of the London fashion show. If not take the chance and read it here.
What else did I see at PURE in London?
Although I had of course to stay most of the time at my stand, I had the chance to walk around and discover unbelievable great accessories which we cannot find as much in Germany: fascinators.
A fascinator is a headdress which is usually worn by women. Originally, scarves in transparent or laced fabrics were called fascinator. Today designs of fabrics, lace, feathers or other light materials being fixed invisibly on top of the head are called fascinator. They even seem to float above the head – light and luxurious. There are various styles of fascinators: designed like small hats which lay directly on the head. Other models remind us of sculptures towering on top of women’s head or they are made of various single parts fixed on Alice bands surrounding women’s head. Typically fascinators are composed of feathers, ribbons, lace, pearls, silk flowers. They are a perfect alternative towards hats as they can be joined into different hairstyles.
In UK it is very popular to wear fascinators for all kind of events which demand a glamorous chic. Here in Germany you would find them mainly at weddings and even there still rarely.
See here some attractive fascinator designs seen at PURE London fashion show:
  Fascinators and hats Fascinators in spring colors
Aoife Harrison DesignSpecial thanks to Aoife Harrison as her fascinators fascinated me (what a jaw crusher)…
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