UP-Cycling made in South Africa

During my travels I see a lot of impressive designers, artists and architects. I enjoy so much what I find worldwide and love to share with you my latest discoveries. During my last trip to South Africa I also visited Capetown – one of my favorite towns – and had the chance to see the Watershed located close to Waterfront. Watershed is a lately renovated building offering a lot of space for designers and arists to present and sell their own manufactured products. It is like an exhibition hall with a fantastic atmosphere in a charming building.

The Watershed, Capetown, Southafrica

The Watershed, Capetown, Southafrica

I spent almost a full day at the Watershed, as I discovered unbelievable great products and designs. A huge number – maybe all – are local products and being manufactured with recycled materials. Here UP-Cycling reaches a new dimension.

I had the honour to get to know somebody who recycles Flip Flops and manufactures animals with the material. Those pieces show the passion of the designer for UP-cycling. I was impressed by the variety of beautiful animal designs. Have a look.

Also I saw guitars made of recycled oil cans. And I confirm that it was not only decoration but real music being played with it. Incredible. Watch it.

Last but not least I detected some wonderful figures handcrafted of recycled car parts. What a wonderful way of UP-cycling, isn’t it?

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