Introduction: 2. ELÄMÄ – Upcycling of bike tubes

Just wandering around the fairgrounds of Tendence in Frankfurt I also visited the area Ecostyle, so anything which is being produced and designed under fair conditions. One small booth attracted my attention: it was showing jewelry all in black. When getting closer I saw that it was made out of rubber material in combination with metal and immediately recognized it: all jewelry was manufactured of recycled bike tubes.
I spoke to Jaime de Vizcaya, the designer, who introduced his brand „2. ELÄMÄ“ to me. It is all about Upcycling – giving a 2nd life to worn out products, still keeping addicted to nice designs. And it is about responsibility towards environment – sustainable materials. Bike tubes are made of rubber and very elastic. Therefore, a fine and flexible material usable for various things – in this case especially for jewelry. The brand originally is from Finland. Frankfurt is their platform to expand 2. ELÄMÄ on international level.
Cross fingers! I love this special jewelry!
Take a look…